‘Love Never Felt So Good’ In Slinger’s Michael Jackson Remix


Slinger has a penchant for helping us get our lives. We just talked about his remix of Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake's "Brand New" earlier thi smonth, and now the remix king is back to remix, well, another king. Taking on Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good,” Slinger not only reincarnates the anticipation from MJ fans but the spirit of dance we definitely miss from the King of Pop. No holograms included, the song begins with fans chanting “Michael,” which we always heard before every Michael Jackson performance. He continues the track with an uplifting rework of the new single, adding an enthusiastic dance beat to get your head nod going.

You can’t help but move when listening to Slinger’s version of how love would feel. He also keeps Jackson’s vocals in tact, sometimes echo-ing them in the background from a low whisper to a louder boom into a robust chorus. If you haven't noticed, Slinger has a habit of cranking things up. If you weren’t already excited, you will be by the end of the track. Should you like the way Slinger’s remix feels, you can keep the party going and download it for free via SoundCloud.

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