M.I.A.’s New Video Is ‘Double’ The ‘Trouble’

MIA_double bubble trouble

Being one of the few people left who have yet to sign up for DVR service, I'm often left with the inability to skip through commercial breaks. So when I pressed play on M.I.A.'s latest video, for "Double Bubble Trouble," I instantly recognized it as the song from Captain Morgan's White Rum advert. While I initially thought it sounded like her, I dismissed the thought as being too mainstream for an artist as politically charged as she. At any rate, she gets back down to her regularly-scheduled M.I.A. business with the official video.

Directed by the artist herself and released today, the video explores the idea of living in a world where 3-D printers can be used to print guns. The clip has a homemade feel to it with flashes of images of dancers, masked gangsters, smokers and more complete with a psychedelic, strobe-light vibe. The dub-step influenced song features a heavy dose of bass that teeters towards a more southern-sound towards to the song's conclusion. All in all, a fitting video for this spitfire artist that makes a heck of a lot more sense than it being used to shill rum to the masses.