Maya Jane Coles Transforms Kwabs’ ‘Pray For Love’ For The Dance Floor


Kwabs' "Pray for Love" was already an emotional jaunt before its music video paired it with thought-provoking and question-raising visuals. But London-based DJ/producer Maya Jane Coles found that the track still had more tears to shed and made sure to accentuate sadness-inducing elements in her remix.

"Pray for Love (Maya Jane Coles Remix)" delves into deep, haunting house. Though the rehash may begin with an angelic choral hum, it's clear that it lives past the nightclub’s peak hours on a Saturday — entering the doldrums of a Saturday night in the seediest of spots. Though the uplifting vocal delivery may offer some solace and point in the direction of salvation, the melody’s spare synths and hollow handclaps make grimy sound so good, as the beat is dominated by a barren emptiness.

It succeeds in evoking loneliness, but simultaneously seduces listeners to the dance floor. It’s a bit of an awkward juxtaposition, yet it succeeds in being intriguing while forcing you to become introspective about what the composition means. This will be one remix that’s going to be difficult to dismiss or forget, as it shows how emotive well-recorded vocals and the right music can be when paired together properly.

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