Pharrell Wants You To ‘Come Get It Bae’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Pharrell Kimmel

"I can do anything you like, I can do anything you need," sang Pharrell Williams on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage. Donning yet another distinctive hat and a few pearl necklaces (because he can), Pharrell revved up the crowd last night with his newest single "Come Get It Bae." We've seen him perform it before, and with his signature swag it was just as smooth this time around. Pharrell moved across the stage lightly thrusting his pelvis as a bevy of dancers in street wear seduced the audience.

After his performance, Pharrell sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and shared an awesome story about that one time he was on the phone with a popcorn-eating Michael Jackson. Later, Pharrell and Kimmel battled it out by taking selfies, or "twofies," with strangers on the LA strip. Pharrell should’ve won, but either way he still wins with his latest single and his great storytelling skills. Check out his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and go get it like he said, bae.

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