SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 8: “You Don’t Know What To Do” feat. Wale

D-Money: This, for me, is the crowning jewel of Me. I Am Mariah...And For Some Reason I Put Wale on This Song. Though I’m still praying that a Wale-less version will come along, I really love this.

Butta: Man, this joint is a jam. Despite Wale. I mean, of all the rappers in the world? Who said “yo, you NEED Wale to set this joint off!”? Really?

D-Money: I’m just gonna assume that Mariah lost a bet or that Wale has a sex tape of her and Nick and is blackmailing her.

Butta: He sounds like somebody’s drunk rambling uncle on this intro. He's killing my vibe in a major way.

D-Money: I’ve just learned to tune him out, honestly. Much like my real-life drunk uncle.

Butta: LMAO But, this song had me at hello when she did it on TODAY. The groove is so funky. If you don’t move to this, then I think you need to check your hearing.

D-Money: Yo, the two-stepping I’m going to do to this at all the summer functions is gonna be crazy. I’m getting my dancing shoes ready as we speak.

Butta: This has definite “Song of the Summer” potential. They need to drop a video and really push this one. It could be the shot in the arm that this album needs.

D-Money: Based on how they’ve chosen singles from this project, I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

Butta: *sings “You Don’t Know What To Do” to Mariah’s record company re: this album*

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