SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 10: “Meteorite”

Butta: Another banger. This makes me want to twirl and soul clap.

D-Money: Mariah and Q-Tip better take it to the house! This has me grooving so hard in my chair, it ain’t even funny.

Butta: With the Eddie Kendricks sample? Son! Eff a foot, Tip put his whole leg in this jawn.

D-Money: The only drawback is that I heard Q-Tip’s remix before this. And I like that version just a little bit better than this one.

Butta: I hear you, but I dig both versions. Q-Tip can’t lose with the stuff he uses.

D-Money: Oh, most certainly. One glitters and sparkles, the other just a smidge funkier. They both make you wanna get up and move..

Butta: “Meteorite” goes. My only gripe goes back to the album sequencing -- it should have come right after “You Don’t Know What To Do” for a one-two dance floor punch.

D-Money: Yeah, I’m definitely putting them side by side when I resequence this album in my library.

Butta: I really hope that DJs pick this one up and incorporate it into their sets and mixes. Not only do I love the sound, but I love the commentary on celebrity.

D-Money: Oh, there are lyrics to this? I was too caught up in the groove.

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