SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 11: “Camouflage”

Butta: So this is the point at which I started to daydream and get distracted while listening to the album. It’s far from a bad song, it just didn’t wow me on first or second listen.

D-Money: I actually like this one, though all the ballads on this joint sound like gospel. I’m wondering if that’s on purpose.

Butta: The gospel influences -- or straight out gospel songs -- are all over this album. Mariah is taking you...uh, us...heathens to church.

D-Money: Or maybe she knew that after all those false starts, this album needed some prayer.

Butta: Someone definitely should have laid hands, a prayer cloth or a red pen on the album title.

D-Money: Amen. Also, is it just me, or have you heard this before? It sounds so familiar to me.

Butta: Same for me. I think that’s why I glossed over it the first couple times I listened. To her credit, it does sounds like something that could have found a home on one of her earlier albums. As an album cut.

D-Money: There are MC album cuts from ‘95 that I still play today.

Butta: Look, Mariah’s old album cuts ether some singer’s entire careers.

D-Money: I can totally see this reappearing on some black-ass soundtrack during an emotional breakup/reconciliation scene. Don’t be surprised if you hear it in Think Like a Man Too this summer.

Butta: Nah, Mary J. Blige got that gig on lock. Maybe Think Like a Man Threepeat?

D-Money: More like The Best Man Father’s Day.

Butta: Or Tyler Perry Presents Some Mo‘ Bullshit.

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