SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 15: “It's a Wrap” feat. Mary J. Blige

Butta: So in case you didn’t know this was a bonus cut on the deluxe version, Mariah felt the need to announce it in a whisper.

D-Money: She so helpful.

Butta: Or something. LOL

D-Money: Better fake friend convo song opener, this or Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson’s joint "I'm His Only Woman"? I think Fanny and Jen got this one.

Butta: I agree with you on that. This intro convo sounds like it was scripted by the Real Housewives of Atlanta writers.

Better drink pouring opener, though? This or “Thirsty”? LOL

D-Money: Why is that even in this song? Mary got Mariah drinking that brown likka during recording sessions now?

Butta: Pink moscato. I keep telling you! LOL

D-Money: Now you know Mary carries a small bottle of Hennessy inside a Crown Royal bag in her purse. Right next to her hot sauce and Vaseline. Don’t get her twisted.

Butta: You’re right. Mary is well past “gateway wine.” Turn down for what?

D-Money: For this song, apparently. It’s another slower paced number. Luckily, Mary adds some spice to it.

Butta: It’s another my-man-done-me-wrong song. Mary was made for this.

D-Money: This production is kinda nice, though. The doo wop sound suits both divas quite well.

Butta: Yes, the doo-wop-pop-pop got me swaying from side to side and snapping my fingers. MC and MJB play well together. This song has grown on me since the first few listens. I would have even included this on the regular version of the album instead of making it a bonus cut.

D-Money: It definitely would fit well on the regular vers...Wait, did she just namecheck Maury Povich?

Butta: That’s what you get for listening too closely.

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