SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 1: “Cry.”

D-Money: First off, why the hell does this song title need a period? My side-eye twitched before a note played.

Butta: I was thinking the same thing. She’s lucky that the song is actually a good one so I’ll let her and her period slide.

D-Money: Gross. [laughs] But you are right, this is actually a classic Mariah ballad. I was pleasantly surprised, as I didn’t think she had it in her.

Butta: I really was waiting for this album to start out on a bum note -- maybe with one of those ill-fated singles that they insisted on releasing when they were sitting on a goldmine of material here -- so this was a welcome and needed surprise.

Mariah is doing her good singing on “Cry.”

D-Money: And she’s taking us to church with this organ and piano arrangement. I almost thought a sermon was gonna be delivered after she got done singing. *lifts church fan in praise*

Butta: *drops some change in the collection plate*

D-Money: Honestly, I really thought I was gonna hate this album from jump, but I can’t find any fault with “Cry.” (other than that damn period), which is a good omen for the rest of Me. I Am Mariah...Middle Aged & Delusional.

Butta: Exactly. Mariah and Big Jim Wright did the damn thing with this one. And the woman sounds amazing. Just like old times and unlike the majority of her “live” performances of late.

D-Money: Yeah...let’s not even discuss those.

Butta: This song is giving me the feels when Mimi ad-libs on the bridge. My girl said, “guess it’s selfish of me to just expect that I’m just entitled to have you,” with intention and purpose. Yes ma’am! She had me running around the pews with that line.

D-Money: Tabernacle!

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