SoundTable Discussion: This. This Is SoulBounce…Reviewing Mariah Carey’s New Album

Track 4: “#Beautiful” feat. Miguel

D-Money: It’s only been months, but this song hasn’t aged well.

Butta: Right? I mean I still like this song -- probably one of the five people who did -- but it does seem old now. They probably could have left this off accidentally on purpose and I would have been OK. Or included it as a bonus or hidden cut.

D-Money: I think what kills it for me (other than that unnecessary hashtag), is the needless profanity. I’m not a prude by anyone’s standards, but it just seems so forced on this song.

Butta: Actually I don’t mind Miguelito dropping the f-bombs. It’s like he’s saying she’s beyond beautiful...beautiful squared...beautiful to infinity.

D-Money: ...or like he’s just not that great of a songwriter and couldn’t find a better way to say it. Oops...did I say that out loud?

Butta: You might have a point there. Listening to this I can’t help but picture that ridic video, which in effect kills my vibe. Lawd.

D-Money: What did you in? Her traipsing around in barns filled with chandeliers while wearing the flimsiest of clothing or the way she towered over Miguel and his pompadour?

Butta: The scenes of them on the motorcycle and the fact that it looked like it was filmed with a Photoshop filter.

D-Money: More like Instagram.

Butta: #Instagram.

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