The Company & Reel People Music Want You To Have A ‘Superstar’ Summer


Summertime is almost upon us and that means you need some new laid-back grooves and upbeat soulful house tunes to occupy those playlists. One label that can always be relied upon to supply the goods is Reel People Music, and with their latest release they do just that. For their first release on RPM London four-piece The Company have dropped "Superstar," a light, airy and uplifting slice of modern soul that gives a nod to the classic '90s sound while still sounding up-to-date. The band, comprised of Baby Brooks, Kay, Reid and Rocstarr, started out as a gospel/community group and have already released one album, 2011's The Lost Code, which illustrates their commitment " lift each other up rather than tear one another down." The single will be available on June 6th and, as always, will come packaged with remixes from label bosses Reel People as well as Mark Di Meo's soulful house spin.

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