‘Undeniable’ Film To Shine Light On The Independent Soul Movement


We here at SoulBounce know firsthand the power of the independent soul artist. Well, it's Captain Obvious considering our site's mission and the content we've been bringing to you lovely SoulBouncers daily for almost seven years. We adore our freewheeling crooners and pretty much love sending word fruit baskets to a subset of music listeners who are looking for something that feels a little more personal and artist driven. For so long the music blogging world has chronicled and catered to the rise of the indie artist, but a new documentary will finally shine a candid light on the burgeoning shape-shift of today's soul music culture.

Directed by John C. Jointer and featuring music composed by Zo!, Undeniable: The Story of the Independent Soul Music Movement aims to trace the "untold stories of artists and music lovers right from its late 1990s origins through the halcyon days of the mid-2000s to the lawless rule of today." From the look and feel of the trailer it's promising a truly in-depth look at the indie soul movement and the artists and labels that drive it, as well as the fanbases and publicity machines that keep it thriving.

Familiar faces and SoulBounce favorites such as Eric Roberson, YahZarah, Algebra Blessett and Jesse Boykins III will get some words in about their personal journeys and struggles to not be compromised for the sake of their art. What raises a couple of eyebrows is the long oft-ignored discussion about how the indie soul movement plays a silent but huge part in the reshaping of the mainstream music collective. Also discussions about how older, more established artists have found their second wind by reinventing themselves as indie artists and stripping their mainstream platforms, as well as the constant rebel fight of indie artists to feel free to craft the music they hear fit -- even when the money and the major record labels start waxing beautiful poetic -- will be thought processed. You bet we are bought and soul-ed on this and are keeping eyes and ears peeled to Undeniable's official website and their myriad of social networks in order to keep tabs on when this intriguing film will be released.

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