Michael Jackson’s ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ Gets Some Love From Justin Timberlake

JT_MJ_Love Never Felt So Good

We've already been grooving to the audio, and now the official music video for "Love Never Felt So Good," the lead single from Michael Jackson's XSCAPE, has been released for our viewing pleasure. Featuring Justin Timberlake and fans giving a dance tribute to the King of Pop, the video follows the simple formula of most posthumous videos, showcasing young, vibrant and diverse fans singing and dancing along as classic images and vintage footage of MJ are projected on large screens. Watching this video of happy folks jamming to this good music makes me feel warm inside and helps me realize a few things:

1) Michael is really gone. Is it crazy that I shed a few tears as I watched this? The footage of Michael's iconic dancing and performances reminds me how much his music and style continue to influence cultures and generations transcending time and place.

2) I would love to see a documentary special on Michael Jackson's influence on dance. (If there is one already, please let me know.) Michael is one of the world's biggest dance icons, and I would love to learn the background story of his memorable choreography and dance influences.

3) While it may makes sense to the XSCAPE creators to include Justin Timberlake on this record, I can honestly do without JT on this track. The MJ-only version of the song is far superior. Also, Justin's two-stepping, finger snapping and quick half spins in the video were not cutting it for me. On the other hand, Usher's smooth gliding and moonwalking would have been a greater fit -- see his tribute performance at the iHeart Radio Music Awards to see what I mean.

Nonetheless, the visual is very well done, entertaining and captures the happy-go-lucky nature of the tune. It feels good indeed.

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