Watch Rahbi Make A ‘Flick’

Rahbi Flick Video

Rahbi is taking his brand of raw and fiery funk to the next level with the video for his latest single “Flick.” Bringing the musical rendezvous to life, Rahbi and his crew of Atlanta’s sexiest muses get hot and heavy as the band builds and vintage girl-on-girl footage flashes across the screen. The clip begins with Rahbi coming home from a long day and immediately stripping down and downing a glass of wine while watching his favorite naughty film. His wildest dreams and fantasies unfold soon after as he is surrounded by women dressed in the finest toga-dresses. Along with the stellar musicianship and well thought out artistry, Rahbi manages to bring that legendary androgynous rock star flare that puts you in the mind of the likes of Prince, David Bowie and Boy George. By the way, this visual may not be too safe for work so you might want to hold off before you start it up and “play the video to do what people call taboo,” as Rahbi would say.

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