Will Kissey’s ‘Initiation’ Be Enough To ‘Hold’ Your Attention?


After years of sporadically releasing new music, Swedish singer Kissey is finally ready to drop a completed project in the form of her upcoming release, Initiation EP. The self-produced album is due out June 3rd on iTunes and features five tracks that lie somewhere between electronica, dance and techno. Songs such as "Hold Me" and "Dance the Pain Away" are near-hypnotic and drenched in sensuality thanks in part to Kissey's sing-talk delivery. In addition to completing Initiation, Kissey also launched her own record label last year called KISSKISS Records as a breading ground for new talent and other unsigned artists. She also has been putting her talents to use by collaborating with other artists like denitia and sene., TK Wonder and a host of others. Get into Kissey's groove with "Hold Me" right here before heading over to her SoundCloud page to hear snippets of what's to come.

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