You’ll Want To Listen To JUCE For ‘(H)ours’


As much as I was guzzling down "Call You Out," it's oh so nice to grab a little something new from the JUCE bar, and they are quenching my thirst with the sweet and sticky funk nectar that is "(H)ours." Like "Call You Out" prior, the song is padded with funky bass licks and member Chalin Barton's smoky yet buoyant vocals, but this time Barton gets a chance near the song's end to really let those vocals crackle as she goes for divalicious croons. Once again I am impressed at how well these London ladies (who were recently signed to Universal/Island Records) are classing up soul-pop, and bringing the girl band back into revival. If you're hooked on the sass sauce that is JUCE like I, then you're in luck as "(H)ours" is up for a free download via BBC Radio 1 personality Annie Mac's SoundCloud.

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