‘Collide’ With Two New Boyz II Men Songs, ‘Better Half’ & ‘Diamond Eyes’


We’re so glad we have yet to see the end of the road for the classic R&B group Boyz II Men. If you’ve been missing that "singing in the rain trying to get your love back" music, you’re in luck. Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris deliver not one but two new singles for our aural pleasure. The first, “Better Half,” is a short and sweet nod to an old love who was basically the prototype. The lyrics are mushy, just like the music, as they sing, “I stand forever, waiting for something better, I learned it from the best, looking for my better half.” It’s a ballad you can sing along to and reminisce about the awesomely bad decisions you've made in your love life.

When you’re done doing that, you can listen to “Diamond Eyes,” where the trio get even more sentimental and join a piano to belt out a dramatic ditty about love lost. Both songs are dramatic, soulful and emotional like most Boyz II Men songs. You can find catchy, robust choruses, violins and awesome vocals you can’t find anywhere else. If these songs are any indication of what we can expect on Collide, which debuts September 30th, then we are officially the young and the restless. While we begrudgingly wait, when you pre-order Collide now on iTunes, you get automatic downloads of “Better Half” and “Diamond Eyes” for your playlists.

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