Daniel Crawford & Vikter Duplaix Team Up On ‘The One’


Jazz musician and producer Daniel Crawford teased us earlier this year with his “Home (Africa),” which featured Bounce-Worthy artist Cleveland P. Jones. The track was part of his then-forthcoming The Awakening, a sophomore follow-up to Red Pill and the second album in what the Wylde Bunch member calls a trilogy.

With The Awakening now available, Crawford has decided to highlight another offering from the trilogy’s second installment. On “The One,” the talented instrumentalist has teamed up with vocalist and producer Vikter Duplaix. Pulsating with a driving bassline, “The One” electrifies with toe-tapping percussion, enthusiastic keys and seemingly out-of-place sonic additions. Impressively, Duplaix’s vocals bring the already living and breathing track to life with organic, down-to-earth soul that borders between being haunting and barely more than a whisper. The melody and the singing mesh together well with an acoustic realism that could give the impression the tune was recorded live.

A spin of “The One” will leaves listeners hungry for more. Good thing Crawford’s entire album is available for your listening pleasure and purchase on his Bandcamp page.

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