Does Darryl Reeves’ Ledisi & Gucci Mane Remix Make You ‘Lose Control’?


Ever wonder what Ledisi and Gucci Mane would sound like on a song together? Neither did we, but leave it up to Atlanta-based saxophonist Darryl Reeves to serve up something different. No stranger to the remix, Reeves invites us into his imaginary trap house where special guests Ledisi and Gucci are waiting to entertain us. To take two artists from two different ends of the music spectrum takes skill, and Reeves strategically mixes the gritty “Use Me” by Gucci Mane with the seductive “Lose Control” by Ledisi.

The remix begins with Led's smooth vocals and Reeves has Gucci Mane play assist in the background with a repetitive rhyme. If anything, Ledisi gets a little more shine on the song, but the hip hop and trap elements don’t get lost in the sweetness of her voice. Reeves ends the song with more dubstep and trap instrumentals and Gucci Mane basically saying it’s quiet for you with, “that n***a ain’t making no noise.” Check out the remix and see if Reeves' trapstep concoction with Ledisi and Gucci Mane makes you lose control.

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