Get ‘Personal’ With Georgia Anne Muldrow


After teasing with a glimpse of her upcoming project, Georgia Anne Muldrow gifts us with the first single from her highly anticipated EP, Ms. One. The return of Ms. Muldrow marks a welcomed, distinctive change in her consistently beautiful sound. Normally one to serenade us with soulful vocals, Ms. Jah Jah hops on a distinctly fresh boom bap beat and spits some personal, relevant life game to the masses. Peter Clement Marott’s horns are set adrift through the opening of this Kriswontwo-produced song, with a strong bassline and snare drums dropping in as Georgia's vocals descend on the track.

In one of those special moments where you swear the artist is speaking directly to you, Georgia spits the chorus, "Gotta learn not to take it personal/Haters gon' hate 'cause they know you're dope/Widen your perspective to a broader scope/Keep on taking risks, steady rock the show." When a musician can seemingly speak directly to your psyche in that manner, it naturally leaves you excited for more. While we await Ms. One's June 24th release, take a listen to the track right here, or watch the video of the making of the cover art and learn more about the EP.

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