John Legend & Jhené Aiko Were Far From ‘The Worst’ On BET Awards ’14

BET AWARDS '14 - Show

BET Awards '14 featured a lot of unexpected pairings, but perhaps none was more unexpected the tandem performance that John Legend and up-and-coming R&B star Jhené Aiko gave near the beginning of the show. First, John took the stage solo to perform his current single, "You & I" with a little assistance on guitar from Cody ChesnuTT. While serviceable, there was nothing about the performance that was particularly memorable (other than John's snazzy blue tuxedo jacket).

That changed the moment that Jhené walked onto the stage barefoot and backed by John and his band. The jazzier instrumental supplied by John and Co. elevated "The Worst, " giving it an almost different feel. And she definitely connected with the audience, with everyone from Keyshia Cole to Kerry Washington singing the lyrics and remembering feeling that lost in love. Sure, she floated into some choppy waters vocally (and John adding his *ahem* uniquely textured vocals wasn't necessary), but for the most part, she did a pretty decent job.

If you missed the show, allow John and Jhené to get you in a mellow mood when you check out the video of their performance right here.

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