Miki Howard Roars in ‘Panther’ Video


Miki Howard is back at it and this time with a new video for her single "Panther." The song as you already know is the modern day "I am woman, hear me roar" kinda tune and features rapper Too $hort spitting a few bars. The video features Howard partying, performing and winning a few rounds of poker. Directed by Dikita Madden, unfortunately we only get a few glimpses of Howard sans filter. The rest of the video is drenched in cartoonish technicolor when it didn't need to be, but Howard's energy is still manages to penetrate through it.

Back in April, Howard released a cover of "Pillow Talk" and her new album, I Choose To Be Happy, is still on the way. In the mean time, if she keeps having a good time like in the video, we might be moved to join her.

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