Sebastian Mikael Just Wants A ‘Kiss’

Sebastian Mikael Kiss Me 2

Sebastian Mikael’s debut album is titled Speechless, but the crooner seems to have plenty to say in his new music video. “Kiss Me,” a clip that switches between color and black-and-white imagery, features the young singer hanging out in the New York City streets with his lady. After the two text their meetup destination, they do a little shopping, dig through the crates at a record store, grab a snack and spend time with their crew at a hookah bar. A great day out on the city, but of course it wouldn’t be complete without a kiss, now would it? In a tone that’s playful, offers a gentle reminder and maybe verges on begging, his lady obliges, as the two look into each other’s eyes and out over the lit-up city skyline.

The falsetto-filled slow jam contains a bit of innocence compared to some young stars’ love ballads. But it -- along with the Teyana Taylor duet “Made for Me” -- offers a promising tease of what’s to come on Speechless.

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