‘Take A Chance’ On Phony Ppl

Phony Ppl Garage

Just when we were wondering what's been up with the Phony Ppl crew, they go and drop a new single. "Take A Chance" is the latest sound from the Phonies since their "Baby, Meet My Lover" landed on Kitty Cash's Love the Free mixtape back in December, and it's definitely worth the six-month wait. Mining some island-inspired influences, the song is a laid-back, mellow jam aimed at getting to know the object of their affection just a bit better. "I really, really like your point of view, tell me everything you're going through," Elbie Thrie sings during the verse as the rest of the crew creates a relaxed groove that ebbs in and out like the tide on a sandy beach. And by the time Sheriff PJ kicks his rhyme, you'll be all in with this chilled out groove.

Word on the curb is that the Phonies are readying a doozy of an album for all of our listening pleasure. We're definitely looking forward to experiencing the fruits of that labor, but we're more than happy to wind down with this smooth joint while we wait for word on what's to come.

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