Will Day26’s Cover Make You ‘Lose Control’ All Over Again?

Day 26 Silk

If you hadn't heard the news, Day26 is joining the list of Making the Band alumni hitting the reunion trail (no word on whether O-Town or Da Band want to throw their hats in the ring, as well). While fans of the group surely are abuzz, especially with the release of the group's single "Bulls#!t," the guys are ready to light the entire world on fire once again and have looked back to the past to get things poppin'. In advance of their performance during The Road to the BET Experience, the crew has released their cover of '90s R&B group Silk's "Lose Control," the title track to their '92 album of the same name, for fans to enjoy.

While the group does a passable job taking on the sexed-up track, something about their cover is just lacking. Silk's original came off as smooth as, well, silk. Day26's take is a little more synthetic, especially with obviously Auto-Tuned vocals that take away from the song's sensual warmth and make it feel more by-the-numbers than filled with passion. It's not a bad attempt at all, mind you, it just misses the mark.

But maybe there are folks out there who are digging the quintet's computer love take on the classic. And to that minority, I offer you the chance to listen and enjoy.

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