Will ‘Everybody Love’ What Hatch Does To This Roy Ayers Classic?


Roy Ayers’ seminal hit “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” has got to be one of the most covered and sampled songs in recent history. The song is almost 40 years old and manages to stay “current” with each passing decade thanks to artists like Hatch.

The classically-trained Australian (otherwise known as Jerry Gorman), who takes inspiration from soul and funk artists of the '70s and '80s, calls his particular style of music "rhythm & bass." And trust me when I say this track has plenty of both. Although Hatch cuts out most of the original’s lyrical content, he maintains the familiarity of the song while giving it a sound unlike any other "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" cover we’ve heard. With a pulsating bassline and heavy-handed percussion, Hatch effectively turns the jazzy classic into a bonafide banger worthy of any summertime playlist. If this song doesn’t make you wanna groove, you just might need to check your pulse.

Get your life and listen to the track below. Then head over to SoundCloud to check out his other offerings and get free downloads of his music.

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