You Can’t Resist Mack Wilds’ Invitation In ‘My Crib’


Over the course of the music videos that have been released from Mack Wilds' debut project, New York: A Love Story, we've seen him have an almost run-in with a spray paint wielding young lady in "Own It" on day one only to connect with old girl at her place of employment in "Henny" on day two. Their story doesn't end there, however, and now it picks up on day three in the visuals for "My Crib."

Here we see Mack and the round-the-way honey link up at the Staten Island Ferry and take a little boat ride NYC style. They flirt, frolic and have fun all over the ferry and young Mr. Wilds is basically sealing the deal for the grown folks business to go down later on that night. Although they never actually make it to Mack's crib by the end of the "My Crib" video, maybe we'll see what happens next with their love story on day four in the next set of visuals. (May we suggest "Don't Turn Me Down" get a sexy video treatment to set their story off proper.) Til then, we'll watch this some more and keep rocking to the newly released "My Crib (Remix)" with Pusha T.

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