Abstract Youth & Sh?m Take Maxwell’s ‘Ascension’ To Higher Ground


While it's always a perpetual mystery over what Maxwell's next musical move will be, there isn't any doubt clouding over this firehouse re-work of one of his most beloved classics. Abstract Youth and Sh?m decided that "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)" needed to make you sweat just a bit more, so the Australian and British beat wizards lead the track into a futuristic soul lounge by vamping it up on pulsing house rhythms and funky flourishes, but they still allows the raw sexual yearns of Maxwell to ease on through.

It's hard to believe that the second single from Maxwell's iconic debut album, Urban Hang Suite, is about to close in on the big 2-0 next year. Yep, for 20 years (!) we've been seduced and fanning ourselves over it, and though we often say "if it ain't broke don't fix it," this case is the supreme exception. If you're looking to spice up an old standby, then this re-work (and its free download) will hit the spot just right.

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