Craig David Comes Back With A ‘Cold’ Piece Of Work

Craig David White Couch

Craig David is a name that we all haven't heard in a minute, but the British singer is stepping back on the scene with his new joint, "Cold." The R&B banger is all about a girl that has Craig hooked like "a hit of MDMA." But she's the type of chick that you have to be careful around, as "she ain't afraid to crush you, even if you get in her way." While comparing a woman to a drug is pretty old hat and the electro-R&B backdrop that Craig utilizes here is just a tad dated, something about this track just works. Perhaps it's the bit of nostalgia we get from hearing the "Fill Me In" singer getting back in the mix or maybe it's the way that the vocalist rides the beat so nicely. Either way, this one definitely gets a thumbs up. Check out "Cold" below and let us know if you're here for Craig's return to the music scene.

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