‘Fall In Love’ With Oveous & QVLN’s Tribute To J Dilla


The legacy of fallen hip-hop legend J Dilla continues to shine on through the love that artists, friends and fans show in celebration of his life and music. Over the years, we have seen and heard numerous tributes commemorating the producer's contributions to hip-hop music and culture, including events across the country such as the annual DC Loves Dilla show that recently brought together his biggest fans and supporters in Washington, DC.

While his catalog of classic and timeless tracks is perfect as-is, we enjoy hearing an artist take on a Dilla song and make it their own. That's exactly what hip-hop lyricist and producer Oveous did for his unique J Dilla tribute with the help of vocalist/guitarist/violinist Quetzal Guerrero aka QLVN. Huge fans in their own right, Oveous and Quetzal often perform a unique live cover of the Dilla-produced Slum Village record, "Fall In Love." After months of performing the song with their band, Oveous and QVLN gifted us with a studio recording of the dope tribute full of layers. The song starts off quietly and slowly with Guerrero playing the melody of "Fall In Love" on the guitar before seamlessly switching over to a violin. The song picks up steam once the beat drops and a beautiful harmony of strings comes to the forefront. During the latter half of the song, Oveous steps up to mic with a wicked verse before the song eases right back into the smooth melodic rhythm of the outro.

If you are J Dilla fan, then you should approve of this hot tribute. And if you are not a Dilla fan, take a listen anyway and you may just like what you hear. Oveous and QVLN's cover may help you fall in love with the genius that was and will always be J Dilla. Download the song for free on SoundCloud.

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