JAZ Gives Us ‘Butterflies’


A few weeks ago, Jasmine "JAZ" Robinson gained our Bounce-Worthy seal of approval for her winning combination of future soul grooves and delicately beautiful voice. The track that showcased these talents, "Butterflies," now has a sparkling set of visuals that only intensifies those twin threats and serves to offer more proof of her unlimited potential. One second she is a woodland nymph coyly singing of her love, then the next she appears as an intoxicating siren, seemingly walking on water. Just as she shimmers with gold, so do her crystal clear vocals. Her natural, fresh-faced beauty matches perfectly the heart-fluttering subject matter of this little gem of a track. JAZ certainly gives us "Butterflies" by the bucket load, so watch this space for more of the same in the not too distant future, as we wait for her debut EP.


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