LOLAWOLF Bring Hot ‘Summertime’ Fun From Another Time


Having dropped their eponymous debut EP early this year, LOLAWOLF brought us their new single "Summertime" in June, and ready to funk up your July comes the accompanying video. It's fitting that a song whose musical heritage and lineage owes much to '80s synth funk pop (with, in turn, a fair portion of early Neptunes production) has a video steeped in visuals from that era. Vintage neon signs in Time Squares give way to footage of skateboarders twisting and turning through the streets of New York. A grimier, graffiti-covered 1980s vision of New York, replete with tremendous '80s hair and fashions, before ending with the money shot of Lady Liberty standing tall in the summer sunshine. A song so full of bubblegum funk, deserves a video equally full of attitude and spunk and, thankfully, it has it. "Summertime" is here, drop the top and crank it up!



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