Macy Gray Comes Back With A ‘Bang Bang’


Macy Gray is back with a new single, album and attitude. She's still awkward, which we love, but in her new video for single "Bang Bang," we see another side of the artist we weren't expecting. The storyline involves Gray performing at a secret party where the stakes are high and some shady folk are gambling their lives away — literally. The song has a nasty guitar riff that flatters her raspy vocals and transports us to a modern day juke joint. Gray adds some soul to the chorus as she sings "Bang, bang I want it/Shoot me down and I want it/When I tell him that I want it, he says louder!"

At the end of the video the jig goes well as Gray takes off with her partner in love and crime and they go on their merry way. The single's a great set up for her upcoming album The Way, which debuts on October 7th and is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. She's also kicking off her US tour on August 10th and you can find dates here or on her website. Let us know if this is a banger or not after you check out Macy's latest video.