Muhsinah’s ‘M’ Will Brighten Your Mood


It may have recently been singer/producer/musician Muhsinah's birthday, but she was the one showering her fans with gifts. The Washington, DC area-based artist has released her long awaited EP, simply entitled M. If that wasn't enough, she's also dropped it for free via her website. Now, I'm not sure why you're still here reading and not over at yet, but since you're here, let me tell you this four-track EP won't disappoint fans.

Full of electro soul sounds and luscious harmonies, the EP, which was created solely by Muhsinah, is described by her as personal and true. It's that honesty that transcends throughout M, as Muhsinah sings over layered sounds colored with tinges of pop and soul. All of the intricate layers Muhsinah utilizes seem to fit together like pieces of the most perfect puzzle, just as all the songs compliment each other and fit together on this project. But the definite stand out for me is "Luv w Luv," with its playful beat and joyful theme of being caught off guard by love. Stream the EP below and then head over to to cop your own copy of what Muhsinah describes as a "sonic mood-ring."

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