Pharrell Williams & Miley Cyrus ‘Get It’ Poppin’ For ‘Bae’

Pharrell Williams Miley Cyrus Get It Still 2

In the nearly five months since the release of Pharrell Williams' G I R L, some of the songs that weren't necessarily my cup of tea have grown on me. "Come Get It Bae" was definitely one of the songs that gave me pause, mainly due to the presence of pop culture lightning rod Miley Cyrus. But, thanks to his multiple performances of the track and that damn ubiquitous Red Bull commercial, I've found myself humming and tapping my feet along whenever I hear the track now.

Being that they've been promoting the hell out of the track, I'm surprised it took this long to drop a video, but at last one has finally arrived. Much like "Marilyn Monroe," the video for the track focuses on women as dancers seem to audition for Pharrell and choreographer Fatima Robinson in a swanky studio. Leading off with the pseudo-deep quote "Beauty Has No Expiration Date," the clip lives up to Pharrell's recent woman-loving mantra as it shows women of all races stepping to his groove. That Miley child eventually shows up and is surprisingly not as obnoxious here as she tends to be in all her other facets. Sure, she's her usual over the top self fashion-wise, but she seems to actually be just having a good time with Skateboard P.

If you, like me, have grown fonder of Pharrell's latest single, then prepare for a visual good time when you check out the clip right here.

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