Shakka Helps Rewrite MNEK’s ‘Song About You’ For His ‘B-Side’

MNEK Shakka

As with most of the singles MNEK has released, his current single "Wrote A Song About You" seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. We've already posted remix after remix of the track here on SoulBounce, and now we have yet another take on the jam for your listening pleasure.

British singer/songwriter Shakka reassembles the track for his own "Shakka B-Side," which he introduces with a short but sweet hot 16. That's not the only change here, though, as Shakka's also given the tune a bit more bump with production that incorporates a bit of hip-hop influence into the song's dance floor vibes. By doing this, along with shortening the song's chorus and slowing some of MNEK's vocals, Shakka creates a delicious remix that still manages to hold on to the original's spirit while adding a completely new way to experience the track. In fact, it's so good, we dare you not to wiggle in your seat as the beat plays on.

While some are arguing that that godawful "Fancy" is this year's song of summer, "Wrote A Song About You" and its myriad remixes are quietly making a case for MNEK to lay claim to that title himself. Check out Shakka's B-Side and see if you don't agree.

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