SIJI Reaches Back To Help The ‘Children Of The Sun’


After being away for three years, Nigerian singer SIJI returned earlier this year with his heartfelt ode to his homeland, "Lagos Lullaby." Now he's back with a tribute to the injustices endured by children, "Children of the Sun."

The multi-talented singer took to his Bandcamp page to explain the inspiration for the song, saying, "The spate of cruel injustices perpetrated by others against our young ones should never be condoned or go unpunished." The EP showcases his writing and production chops, while featuring the same thought-provoking lyrics and Afrobeat influences that have sustained his nearly 20-year career. A remix courtesy of Osunlade is the icing on this musical cake, easily displaying Osunlade's knack for adding his own soulful touch to a song without lessening the impact of the original.

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