Take Rainy Milo’s ‘Don’t Regret Me’ For A Ride


February this year saw Rainy Milo make her debut on these pages, and the following month saw the release of her album, This Thing Of Ours. Nestled amongst the tracks was "Don't Regret Me," a woozy, blissed out bit of electro soul, and fresh out of the tin come the visuals for the South London girl's reflective track.

Mundane suburban London streets are the setting for this contemplative song's video and wistful, misty-eyed memories dominate Rainy's thoughts as she wends her way to the studio by bus and tube, reflecting on her lover's shortcomings as she passes through the hazy summer sunshine. Her sultry vocals contrast with the low-key visuals beautifully, leaving us with no regrets whatsoever.



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