Talib Kweli & Res Show Us ‘Whats Real’


Talib Kweli and Res performed their latest single "Whats Real" on The Arsenio Hall Show in May, and now they have a video to illustrate how they really get down. The clip, directed and edited by Kyle O'Brien, shows the two galavanting around town performing and getting their party on in various digs. With cameos from other musical friends -- we see you Questlove and Black Thought -- we watch the two parlaying with fans, having a grand time and shooting each other with swanky GoPro cameras. The party, full of only cool-looking people, because that's real, moves on to a hotel where the two continue to do fun things with their friends. The visuals, chock full of valencia and inkwell filters, will have you craving a chill party to go to. So let us know, are Kweli and Res keeping it real enough for you in this video?

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