‘What You Gon’ Do’ With Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ Latest?

Tameka Tiny Harris WTFYG Still

Lately, Tameka "Tiny" Harris has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, with her name being brought into fights between her husband, T.I., and the likes of Floyd Mayweather and even Azealia Banks. But the former Xscape member is ready to bring the focus back to what we came to know her for, her music, with her latest single, "What The F**k You Gon' Do?"

The track, whose cleaned up version is called "What You Gon' Do?," finds Tiny asking the titular question to her man, who doesn't seem to get that she can bounce whenever she gets ready. She makes her case by telling him how much she's held him down over the spare, synth-driven R&B track. The song is decent enough, if not particularly memorable. What is memorable, however, is the song's accompanying video.

While it was obviously made with lowered budget expectations, Tiny still manages to court controversy in the clip by hinting at events that happened in her actual marriage. We see Tiny visiting her man in jail, getting married and even an allusion to the couple's VH1 reality show. Is there more trouble in paradise than the recent tiff with Money Mayweather? While art doesn't always imitate life, this possible bit of drama definitely makes this song a tad bit juicier.

If you're feeling "What The F**k You Gon' Do?" (or you're just pulled in by the drama) you can pick up the song right now on iTunes and check out the video right here. But do be careful if you're at work, as the salty language here might require some headphones.

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