Will You ‘Dance’ With Tank?


A few weeks ago, your love was making him "Stronger," but this week it's making Tank want to cut a rug. In his latest single, "Dance With Me," from the new album that needs to go ahead and get released, you'll find a mix of '70s-era disco and funk with a little Marvin Gaye-inspired soul on top. The track will definitely have you on your feet and Tank made sure of that by creating the "love step" with his boo, professional dancer Zena Foster. If you don't like dancing, you can shimmy your shoulders while Tank sings "play this song all night long, let's dance." We still prefer ballad-wielding Tank, but we'll take this one, too. With strong vocals, as usual, and a perfect melange of keys, horns and funk, especially at the end of the song, he definitely didn't get this one wrong.

While we anticipate his upcoming solo project Stronger, which debuts August 12th and is available for pre-order on iTunes, will you dance with Tank until then?

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