Bounce-Worthy: Daryn Alexus


The song following "Go Wild" on GREEN is "International Lovers," which is where you can pick up on her Teedra Monáe vibes. Daryn's sweet soprano is clear and melodic and could fit right into a mix with Janelle's "Letting Go" and Teedra's "Be Your Girl." Vocal comparisons aside, Daryn Alexus is definitely her own artist and impresses throughout the whole album. Additional highlights include "International Lovers Part II," "The Spot," "Transgression (Did To You)" and "1990." Dee Lilly's production allows Daryn to shine and doesn't overpower her, while rapper Nick Astro is the only guest artist appearing and plays his position on the two songs he's included on.

GREEN may be the focus now, but her previous releases -- 2012's Vintage Heart. Modern Love. EP and 2013's VHML2 -- are definitely worth a listen and also are available on Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis -- yes, even free. Daryn may be giving away all this good music of hers, but as you'll hear and see, it's all worth far more than the price tag.

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