Sisqo & Waka Flocka Claim They’re ‘A-List’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

We thought we had buried Auto-Tune more than six feet under, but lo and behold it's been reincarnated in the form of Sisqo's new single "A-List." While the Dru Hill frontman puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album, The Last Dragon, he's giving us a teaser with the new Waka Flocka-assisted track that promises stacks of money and bottle popping. The song is perfect to listen to while you're in prep mode for the club, but otherwise it lacks depth and has a tinge of denial.

With a simple bounce beat in the background, in the foreground Sisqo and Waka Flocka don't offer us anything new to ponder as the chorus is simply "way past rich, 'cause I'm A-list in this b***t!" While we'd like to see the receipts, we can also hear Flocka flex his confidence as he drops a few bars, rapping "I'm A-list in this b***h, in VIP with your favorite rapper." While Sisqo sings with an Auto-Tune layered voice, the single may have benefited from unfiltered vocals since the man can, in fact, sing just fine.

You can order the single on iTunes on September 9th, but listen to the new track right here and let us know if Sisqo and Waka Flocka are "A-List" or on the other spectrum of the alphabet.

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