The Weeknd Comes Full Circle In ‘Often’

The Weeknd Often Screenshot

You can't say The Weeknd isn't consistent. Since his debut, the Canadian singer/songwriter/producer has been all about sex, drugs and R&B. He continued to move in the same themes with recent single, "Often," and he sticks with it for the song's video. We first see The Weeknd sitting on the edge of a bed in a pretty swanky hotel room. But soon we see that this particular bed has seen its share of action as a bevy of beauties parade around an obviously blunted Weeknd like a scene out of a movie (to be more specific, an adult movie).

While this is all old hat for a Weeknd video, what is interesting is the way the clip is shot. Starting from the first scene, it's all filmed in one smooth, continuous motion as we follow the crooner around the hotel room and transition camera angles. It's also cyclical, as the video ends exactly where it started, with The Weeknd sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the billowing curtains in the room. It's actually kind of beautiful.

As with anything associated with the singer, this song is rather raunchy and though there is no nudity in the video, the lyrics definitely make this pretty unsafe for work. Therefore, I suggest using a pair of headphones as you check out the clip right here.



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