Van Hunt Announces New Album & PledgeMusic Campaign

Van Hunt Beret

The last time we got a full-length album from Van Hunt,  it was 2011's eclectic What Were You Hoping For?. Well, Van is coming back with a brand new album inspired by the funk, soul and style of yesteryear. If you're familiar with Van's discography, then you know that the talented singer/songwriter is more than capable of pulling that sound off. In fact, he's already in the midst of creating it, describing the sound as "sexy, loving and funky."

Like Lalah Hathaway, who announced her new live project in similar fashion, Van has also decided to involve the fans in the process by creating a PledgeMusic campaign for the new project. Fans who donate to the creation of the project will get exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks at the album's creation, including footage of studio sessions, photo shoots and the inner workings of Van's creative process. As well, depending on the level of donation, fans can also receive album downloads, CDs, vinyl records, autographed photos and lyric sheets, artwork and even fashion accessories created and autographed by Van himself. Sounds pretty sweet, if we say so ourselves.

While we go break open our piggy banks to make sure that this new album becomes a reality, take a look back into Van's past as you look forward to his promising future endeavour.

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