Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Revisit ‘Summertime’ In Las Vegas


Over the weekend, our favorite MC and DJ came back together for a little summertime fun. Reuniting at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff wooed pool party-goers with an impromptu reunion that turned into an old school hip-hop celebration. Smith showed up unannounced to support his former DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince cohort and  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star who was there DJing for the massive Ditch Fridays party and surprised the audience by performing "Summertime."

Smith exchanged some playful banter with Jazzy Jeff for two minutes and finally the music leads to a fun and effortless performance of the hip-hop classic. The 23-year-old track hasn't aged a bit, just like its MC and DJ who look like they're one-foot in 1991. To prove it, Smith went shirtless and showed us what his version of 45 looks like (hey, Will, hey). Watch the video of the two hip-hop legends giving us a little more summer before the weather changes on us.

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