Abstract Youth & Sh?m Go ‘All The Way’ On Their Craig David Remix

Craig David All the Way

Just weeks ago, Abstract Youth and Sh?m upped the tempo of Maxwell’s “Ascension,” transforming the lighthearted love jam into a handclap-happy, future R&B odyssey.

So when “(aywy. and Sh?m Edit)” got tacked onto Craig David’s “All the Way,” we knew it wasn’t some new lingo the kids speak on the Internet. We recognized it as code for yet another forward-thinking remix.

And the Australian- and London-based beatsmiths — respectively — deliver by digitizing David’s 2005 hit. Whereas the original grooved with a heavy bass line, the duo’s take is a much lighter jaunt to the dance floor. An emphasis gets placed on the percussion elements here, with the hollow and atmospheric additions giving the tune a space-age feel that substitutes well for the heavier thumps found on the song’s radio/video version.

What’s also nice is that the Abstract Youth and Sh?m remix still captures the funk and “get on the floor and party” vibe found in the original without resorting to commanding listeners to pull out a piece of cardboard and strike a B-boy pose. But it also works well for just listening, inviting folks to kick back and enjoy the good vibes that permeate the airy melody.

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