Alicia Keys Takes ‘We Are Here’ To ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’


Fresh off the premiere of her new song and music video "We Are Here," Alicia Keys took her music and her message to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Dressed in a strappy black top with her beaded braids under a tight headwrap, Alicia's back-to-basics look complemented the simplicity of the staging as she sat at a black grand piano with a white peace sign painted on it and words such as "love," "harmony" and the song's title flashed on the wall behind her. It was just Alicia and her piano for the majority of the performance before Questlove accompanied her on drums halfway through the song. Overall, the simple scene and Alicia's placid demeanor made you focus on the song and gave it more of an impact.

This is far from my favorite track in Alicia Keys' catalog, but I do appreciate the sentiment and the message in the music and applaud her for being one of the few current entertainers to actually use her art to speak out about society's ills today. To join Alicia's campaign to create a more peaceful world for all, participate in some hashtag activism by following #WeAreHere on Twitter and Facebook and adding why you are here to the conversation.

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