If You ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ Then Elle Varner Can Relate

Elle Varner Dont Wanna Dance Brick Wall

Back in July, Elle Varner gave us the first official single from her upcoming sophomore album, 4 Letter Word, with the catchy "Don't Wanna Dance." Now, she's finally giving us an accompanying video for the A$AP Ferg-featuring single. We follow Elle and her girls to a house party that our girl Elle obviously didn't want to come along to. Things are made even worse when Elle spots her ex-flame getting cozy with a couple of honeys. What's a girl to do but chill in the cut and have one too many drinks?

But it soon becomes obvious that things between Elle and her ex aren't quite finished, with him trying to protect Elle from herself when he thinks she's had a few too many adult beverages and Elle cutting into his conversation with a cutie. With her tipsy state, tension with her ex and her dogs barking, Elle retreats to the rooftop to get some fresh air and clear her mind. When her ex finds his way to her, they seem to be a lot more friendly and possibly might have rekindled things. But the "To be continued" that flashes on screen at video's end doesn't bode well, especially considering a lot of the previous material we've heard from the album. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how that turns out in the next clip from 4 Letter Word, which is scheduled fro release later this year.

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