Janelle Monáe Shows ‘Sesame Street’ The ‘Power Of Yet’

Janelle Monae Sesame Street Yet

Earlier this year, we learned that the ever energetic Janelle Monáe would make her debut appearance on the seminal children's show Sesame Street. And now Janelle's vibrant number has premiered on the show and online.

We first see beloved Muppets like Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and, of course, Elmo trying different things and not quite reaching their goals. But just before these Sesame Street favorites throw in the towel, in comes Janelle to provide a little inspiration through song and dance. She schools the misguided Muppets on the "Power of Yet," letting them know that if they keep at it, they will eventually reach any goal they set for themselves. And soon all the Muppets reach their goals and then some before donning their tuxes and bow ties along with Janelle for the big finish.

While most of us might be a little long in the tooth to admit to watching Sesame Street, you'll definitely want to grab your kid (or niece, nephew, god child or baby cousin) so you can have an excuse to take in all of this fun happening.

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